The idiot’s guide to planning a surprise romantic mini break

Surprise your loved one with more than a sorry-looking red rose this Valentine’s Day and whisk them off for a romantic getaway instead. Here’s your failsafe (and economical) guide to creating the perfect mini break.
Getting time off work: this is make or break issue number one. To make a mini break worthwhile, you’ll probably need to take a few days out of the office. Your boss might have agreed your holiday request, but what about the other half? Discreetly call their workplace and ask if they can take leave. Make sure it is kept secret, though.
Budget: review your financial situation. Make a list of the things you’ll need to pay for and estimate how much they might cost, including food and drink, excursions, transport, etc. Then compare with your budget and be realistic when you start shopping. Your partner won’t appreciate the gesture half as much if they discover you’ve wiped the joint bank account or gone over your overdraft.
Transport: hang on, does your loved one have a phobia of flying? Don’t see your partner balled up with fear unnecessarily. Would it be better to travel by coach? Or sail across on a ferry? If you are flying, don’t forget transport to the airport. Save on costly airport parking fees by taking the bus to Gatwick, rather than leave your car. Many bus companies have some incredible deals.
Location: remember you are planning a romantic trip when you are choosing your destination. Coinciding your trip with a European football match, for example, won’t impress most ladies. Guaranteed. Think about the places you’ve both talked about seeing: Paris, Venice, Prague, Bupapest… Now, what can you afford?
Accommodation: it doesn’t have to be five star, use your common sense and check out reviews before booking. Establish where the hotel is located in relation to the rest of the city to avoid expensive taxi journeys throughout your trip. Some websites offer flight and hotel package deals, with airport transfers included, which are well worth investigating. Other sites allow you to use supermarket loyalty card points to fully or partly pay.
Packing: by this point, you might need to tell your partner that they’re going on a trip, however, for the ultra confident, you could try and pack on their behalf. Remember important things like contact lenses, phone charger and toiletries. Mentally run through the trip to work out what sort of clothing and shoes will be required. Don’t forget a camera.
Unveiling the surprise: if you’ve been successful in keeping the trip a secret thus far, congratulations. You are clearly skilled enough in deception and underhand activities that you can find your own way to reveal the trip.
Basking in the glory: by following the tips above, your loved is bound to be so impressed, that’ll you’ll be able to bask smugly in the glory for quite a considerable time. What’s nicer than pleasing your loved one and earning brownie points in the process?

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Holiday Loans: Worth enjoying a vacation

Every person has a desire to spend some of his or her free time with his or her family. Even we have left the nomadic life long after the development of abodes, but we feel like relaxing or going for a small holiday once in a while. We dream of spending vacations at an exotic place. But spending time with your family enjoying holidays could be expensive. You would certainly require a great amount of money to enjoy the dream as this cannot be fulfilled out of a fixed salary scale that is where some holiday loans come into picture! These loans are very economical.
These are small but helpful cash advances which are offered to the people who want to spend their free time or vacations. The loan amount is not fixed as it depends on the credit position of the borrower. This loan amount is usually granted for a short span of few weeks only. These loans are offered in both secured as well as unsecured way. In the secured ones, you have to vow your assets with the lending institutions while in another case, there is no such requirement, but it has a demerit. Loans without collateral are offered at higher rate of interest and for a shorter span of time.
You may also apply for such over the Internet. It is the easiest and fastest way to get the money approved. Just do a small research and visit any lending institutions r banking websites and apply for a holiday loan via filling an online form. It takes a while to get loan approved which may take one day to a week. As a borrower one should always do a research on interest rates and facilities provided. These loans are easy to get and economical too. You must be above 18 years of age while applying for this lone and you should have a continuous income flow as it is a mandate. Refreshment is equally important as important is your work. Enjoy the vacations but do not forget that timely payment of loans will not only add to your credit rating but it will make sure that you do not end up paying a huge amount!

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Tips and Tricks to a Magical Disney Vacation!

It all started when I was two years old. My parents brought me to the magical land of Disney World, and I was hooked. I�ve been there at least 15 times since that first trip, including my honeymoon!
Every vacation there has been magical � even in the heat and humidity of Florida in August! Although most of this was due to the magic of Disney itself, it was also due to the tips I have learned, and the tricks we use frequently! Allow me to share a few with you so that your Disney vacation can be just as magical as mine are!
Utilize Extra Magic Hours
Being a Disney resort guest, your family can enter certain parks an hour early, or stay up to three hours later at night! These are great times to ride on those popular rides before crowds start to form, or when the crowds are leaving.
Take an Afternoon Break
This is extremely important if you are traveling with kids, or are visiting in the summer. Taking a break from the parks in the afternoon allows you to enjoy your resort pool, or take a nap so you can ride more rides in the evening. It also lessens the chances of a mid-day breakdown in the middle of Main Street USA!
Make Dining Reservations
Even if you are traveling during a �value� season, it is important to make dining reservations! It is very difficult to walk up to a restaurant and be able to have a meal. Disney allows you to make these 180 days before your arrival date, so research what restaurants you are interested in first, then make those reservations!
Use Disney�s FASTPASS
Disney�s FASTPASS is available for any guest who has a park ticket. Head to your favorite ride (that usually has a longer line) and put your park ticket in the kiosk. It will print out a ticket with a return time for you to come back to the ride, walk in a shorter line to the front of the line! After using your FASTPASS (or 2 hours after getting one) you can do the same for another ride. (Another note: if the stand-by line is 20 minutes or less, it is better to just wait in line.)
Explore the Resorts
Disney�s attention to detail goes beyond the theme parks. Explore the resorts as well! At the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can view animals outside the hotel room, roaming in the savannah. At the Polynesian Resort, listen to the sounds of the Pacific islands while relaxing on a white sand beach. At Coronado Springs Resort, explore ancient Mayan ruins. At the Boardwalk Resort, watch entertainers along the actual boardwalk! (Another note: If traveling around the holidays, the resorts are decorated with trees, lights and even gingerbread houses!)
The tips and tricks are endless! Each Disney vacation is different in its own way � but always magical!

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The Most Unknown But Unique Must-See Travel Destination In The World


Traveling is one of the most important leisure activities which people cannot live without. We travel for enjoyment, to search for better health care, to visit our friends and relatives as well as to attend to certain business missions. No matter the motive for traveling, everyone wants to make the most from their trips. That’s why we have to plan and make informed decisions on which places to visit based on the motive behind our traveling. If you are one of those who like traveling for adventure to explore new and the most unknown places, then Palawan is the place to go.

Palawan as it is known is an island province in Philippines that covers the largest area of jurisdiction in the entire country. It is known to be a narrow archipelago of 1,780 islands, rocky coves, islets and sugar-white sandy beaches that occupies the least population in Philippines. Geographically, Palawan rests to the east of the South China Sea and west of the Sulu Sea. Its islands extend from Borneo in the Southwest to Mindoro in the Northeast. It has an estimated land area of 1.5 million hectares and irregular coastline of roughly 2000 kilometers. This island province hosts a plethora of virgin forests, highlands, mountain ranges and rolling terrains. The calm atmosphere and tropical bliss themes make this island the ideal place to go when you want to calm yourself after a long day of travel or heavy work.

Palawan is Philippines’ most prolific and vivacious province that docks the largest number of attractions including but not limited to pristine white sand beaches, geological wonders, ecosystems, local customs, endangered species and vintage ethnicity. When at Palawan, you have more than enough places to visit and explore. If you feel like learning more about birds and marine turtles, you can take a trip to the Tubbataha Reef Marine Park. Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is an excellent nesting site that harbors a range of coral reefs and marine species. If you want to explore more about exotic African world animals and endangered endemic animals, you can go to Caluit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary. To those who love fishing and exploring more on fishes, you go to Malampaya Sound Land and Seascape Protected Area. Malampaya Sound Land and Seascape Protected Area is basically an economic and ecologic watershed and fishing ground that houses a wide range of fishes including but not limited to Irrawaddy and bottle-nosed dolphins.

The Seven Lakes Coron Reefs is the northern part of Palawan is another great place you can visit when at Palawan. This attraction site rests near a range of aquatic views, wreck explorations and craggy limestone cliffs. It is a great place to go if you love diving since it offers you want to know and do about to diving. The dive operators in this place offer both day and high diving trips and safaris.

Not to forget mentioning, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is the next most wonderful and breathtaking place to visit when at Palawan. Known mostly as the World heritage site for tourists, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park has a limestone karsts mountain landscape of 8.2 kilometers Underground River which extends directly to the South China Sea. When at this site, you can enjoy watching mountain trekking, birds, monkeys, large lizards as well as squirrels. Inside the cave, there is unique and welcoming atmosphere where the only sound you can hear is that of insects and bats. The cave harbors lots of hidden and amazing stalactites and stalagmites images that resemble mushrooms, banana blossoms and bell peppers.

Palawan is also rich in a wide variety of artifacts and relics. The museums at Palawan are known to have a plethora of archeological excavations and explorations. That said, when you visit this island, you will be able to learn more about its history as well see a wide variety of their cultural and archeological collections.

The Immaculate Conception Church is aslo a must-see attraction site in Palawan. This is considered a must-see destination because of its amazing architecture that includes rangy structures and properly preserved construction. This amazing Church serves as a dedication to Immaculate who is the Patron Saint of Palawan.

The next most promising and amazing tourist destination in Palawan is the Puerto Princesa’s Ugong Rock. By visiting the Ugong Rock, you are assured of a wonderful and thrilling experience as it includes climbing, zip line and caving. In nature, this rock looks like a podium which offers a wide field of view of 360 degrees to the mountains and lush green fields.

As if that is not enough, this tropical island offers among the best infrastructure. It is rich in wide range of landing airstrips, airports and military airfields. There are also a range of railway stations and bus stations. Thus, regardless of the kind of transportation you prefer most, you will have plenty options to consider. There are also a variety of boat operators who can take you through the beaches and seas at reasonable prices.

As seen above, Palawan is the place to go for anyone who wants to make the most from the next trip. It is the only place in Philippines where you are assured of the highest level of comfort and enjoyment. It stands out to be one of the world’s best and most thrilling uncrowded destinations where everyone no matter their color or nationalism can go anytime they want to explore the world more. Nevertheless, Palawan Island is quite large hence it is not easy for anyone to tour it in a single trip. Thus, when planning to visit this island, you are supposed to plan early and do a prior research on which places to visit based on the period you want to stay there. Make sure you ask for suggestions from people who have already toured the island in order to gather adequate information on where to visit and when to visit. You will likewise need to research the best accommodation that will best suit you during the touring period


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Traveling Around the world with Your iPhone

If you’re traveling to Europe or Asia, chances are you want to bring your iPhone along. As I discovered during a two-week trip through southern Spain, it’s a good idea to do some planning in advance if you want to avoid humongous data charges and keep your device powered up. Here are a few things to consider before taking your iPhone abroad.   

Your normal data plan can turn into a cash-sucking monstrosity when you leave the country. A 1MB email can cost an astonishing $20 to download abroad, according to Verizon. Thankfully, you don’t have to pay that much.

The iPhone has a very tiny SIM card that’s easy to swap out. (Note the small tray on its side; pop out the card with a paper clip or similar tool.) All of your phone numbers, email addresses and the like are stored on your phone, so switching your SIM isn’t a big headache. The card just connects you to the local carrier. The iPhone 5s and the 5c use a nano SIM, while older models use the somewhat larger micro SIM. Be sure to buy the right one and try it out in the store before you pay for it.  

When you were in Spain, I stopped at a Vodaphone store and bought a SIM card that gave me 500MB of data and about 30 minutes of calling for 10 euros, or about US$13.80. That was more than enough for me, because you weren’t making many phone calls, watching videos or streaming music.

You do, however, have to unlock the iPhone for it to work another carrier’s network. You can pay some third party unlock your iPhone or simply call AT&T; the company will send a signal to your phone to unlock it at no extra charge. T-Mobile will do the same. New Verizon iPhones are unlocked when you purchase them. Unfortunately, Sprint won’t unlock your iPhone, so you’ll have to go through a third party, which voids the warranty.

In Japan, SoftBank will rent you a SIM for about a dollar a day, but data is expensive: roughly $15 a day, so you’re probably better off using your U.S. carrier’s roaming plan.

A&T offers plans for voice, data and messaging, and charges vary by country. If you’re going to Europe you pay $30 a month for 80 minutes of talk, which works out to 38 cents a minute. Data costs $25 for 120MB. Verizon’s international roaming plan offers 100MB for $25, but the carrier charges $0.99 a minute for voice calls in Europe and an outrageous $1.99 a minute in Japan. In any case, be sure to cancel these plans as soon as your return home.

want to use Wi-Fi as much as possible. Data downloaded via Wi-Fi doesn’t count against your allotment. You may also want to make sure to turn off your “push” email setting, so the phone doesn’t automatically download messages and burn data. It’s a good idea to keep a close eye on your data usage, which you can also find under “settings.”


Of course, none of this matters at all if you can’t recharge your phone. The easiest way to ensure you have everything you need is to buy the Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit (pictured above) for $39. It comes with adapters for nearly every region of the world along with instructions on which ones work in different countries. You can also use the adapter to recharge other devices.

One last word of advice: When using Apple’s Maps app abroad, streets in smaller cities often don’t appear in the app or appear without a name. Google Maps works better, in my experience, but it is far from perfect. So do yourself a favor and pick up an old-fashioned paper map to help find your way around those scenic, twisty streets.

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Travel good with iPhone Apps

Since Apple launched the iPhone a lot of people have become very rich by designing iPhone applications. Whether it is iPhone games or iPhone apps does not matter. If it goes viral, financial gain has the opportunity to take off beyond the wildest dreams of the creator.

Many of the large multinational corporations are making iPhone apps to offer the consumer much more access to whatever service they offer. You have no doubt seen the advertisement for the iPhone that creates a scenario and states “there’s an app for that.” The iPhone is bases the majority of its appeal on the iPhone applications made for it – with these it becomes almost indispensable to its owner. Companies are being set up to come up with ideas for apps and produce them for the growing market that the iPhone has spawned. We are now inured in the culture of instant information and online entertainment and the iPhone apps cater perfectly for this. Checking cinema times, locating restaurants or specialist shops the iPhone app tales care of all this while you are mobile. People love playing computer games at home, but being able to play them while on a journey by train really breaks up the monotony of staring out a window or listening to the inane conversations of your fellow passengers. IPhone games don’t need to be complicated but they do need to be addictive. Sometimes the simplest ideas work the best. You don’t need to spend millions to develop something that will be extremely popular. Think of Tetris or Brick. IPhone application reviews are obviously very important when deciding what you want for your iPhone. Some are free and some are paid, but the value to the consumer can vary. Students may want iPhone apps that will help them with their studies and will look for iPhone application reviews from their peers. The leading expert in a field may give an unfavourable review of an iPhone app, but if your nerdy best friend tells you that it is the greatest app ever, you will probably get it. iPhone Games are very subjective also. Some people like to be challenged and will look for multiple levels and varying degrees of difficulty. While others may want something that is fun and fairly simple to play. When looking for iPhone application reviews whether it is for a game or an app, we all look for different things. What is construed as mind numbingly boring to one person may be great fun and addictive to someone else. IPhone apps can be compared to movies. The most popular and successful ones are not always the most critically acclaimed. If you can capture the imagination and bring some fun into the lives of lots of people by making an iPhone appFree Reprint Articles, then you will make a great deal of money. All you need is an idea. The technical side can be outsourced to someone who specialises in this for not that much money. The rewards for such an idea can be huge.

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Travel Accessories for Your iPhone

iPhone  has swept the all over the world! They are the coolest phones and they’re packed with incredible technology. iPhone accessories can help protect your technological wonder and give it a bit of personality to match yours!  Find out some of the top accessories you need for your iPhone.

The first of the iPhone accessories you will need is a slider case. Face it, you need to move and your iPhone will be moving with you! Keep it safe inside the slender slider case. It protects your iPhone from shock and from scratches, and it still fits easily in your pocket!

After you have a case, one of the best protective iPhone accessories you can get is a static cling screen cover. These are small plastic films that will cling to the screen of your iPhone without using any adhesive. They are transparent, so they don’t get in the way and they keep out all kinds of dirt and dust. It also is a second line of defense against scratches, for when your iPhone is out of its case.

Then, I think you will need a car charger for your iPhone. How many times have you been out on the road and heard the tragic beeping signal of your phone on it’s last minutes of battery life? Out of all the iPhone accessories, this is the one that gives me that huge feeling of relief every time I need to use it. I am so glad I have it!

And while we are in the car, you will want to consider a Bluetooth headset. It’s a wonderful hands free device that allows you to speak and listen without having to hold a phone handset. In some states, it is illegal to drive while holding a phone to your ear. And in all states, it’s dangerous to do so. It’s also great while holding the baby or doing dishes! Trust me!

Next, though not one of the most obvious iPhone accessoriesFree Reprint Articles, it is a very important one. It’s called a synchronization cable. You will use this cable to synch to your computer. This is useful while setting up your phone to receive your email and other functions associated with your home or office network.

These are some of the most practical iPhone accessories. But there are plenty of other iPhone accessories that are just for fun too.

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Travel with Mobile

It is a fact – we travel more. Not only for holidays or weekend breaks – we have also become more accustom to travel further to work. The consequence of this is that many industries adjust to this development and research new markets. One of these markets is the mobile phone industry – new features with sheer endless possibilities – listening to music, chatting and surfing on the web = skyrocketing revenues.

The logical next step for mobile operators: After the success of  user generated content online with websites like Facebook, Bebo or even YouTube, they adapt this scheme and take it mobile. With the expansion of the social networking to mobile content, this could be generate about $5.74bn (£2.87bn) by 2015.

One of the most attractive elements which could be the key factor for success is that everybody would be able to keep in touch with their friends wherever they are and keep up-to-date with their online profile whatever they do. The user can type “I’m at the beach right now”  or “I’m doing some Xmas shopping” directly on your mobile phone. Of course we can debate about the importance of this type of messages and the already existing overload on information.

Some facts about the power of social networking – an increase of 270% of Facebook’s users for the last 2 years. We can notice an increase for MySpace (72%) as well but lower as the less saturated market of Facebook. MySpace now has more than 114 Million users world wide instead of 52 Million on Facebook. Bebo, with it’s majority of users in Europe, grew 172% to more than 18 million users.

Research has shown that the user profiles of people who are using web sites like Facebook is very similar to the one’s likely to be interested in using the internet on a mobile phone. (Comscore)

The results show that people who are experimenting with the internet on a mobile phone are younger than users who access the web only with a computer. In Britain, more than 25% of mobile internet users are aged 15 to 24, compared with 20% who go online using a computer; a further 41% of mobile internet users are 25 to 34 compared with less than 20% using a computer.

Different social networks are now available on some mobile operators such as Facebook in the US with Verizon or AT&T or even YouTube with an exclusive deal with Vodafone.

With this in mind it also becomes clearer why Google would want to join this profitable market with its own Gphone.

Get your mobile marketing strategy ready!

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Mobile Apps Helps Travel

Mobile applications are all pervasive. They have fundamentally changed the way we go about our lives. From checking the weather to planning our day to travel to financial transactions to innumerable other tasks, there is an app for that.

Mobile applications are all pervasive. They have fundamentally changed the way we go about our lives. From checking the weather to planning our day to travel to financial transactions to innumerable other tasks, there is an app for that. We, as users of smart devices, are consuming apps at a crazy pace. In 2015Q3, downloads hit the staggering figure of 81 billion. The primary reason for this is that these applications are really useful, and simplify our lies, while improving its quality.
Even in the enterprise, the want of these useful little pieces of code is tremendous. Employees are constantly demanding newer capabilities from the organization, whether it is productivity, or access to internal platforms. So much so, that the applications are more important than the device or the OS. In response, enterprises are working hard to deliver to the promise of mobility. A per Gartner, by 20145 most organizations will have private store for delivering to their workforce. However, these endeavors are fraught with commercial, technical and security challenges.
Balancing Act
The rollout of mobility and the mobilization of enterprise platforms has to be a delicate balancing act between meeting employee and customer expectations, security requirements, and management overhead. In the end, the employee must get what he  / she needs, at a reasonable cost to the company, without breaching any security policies.
The business, in its quest for employee and customer satisfaction should not compromise on the IT team’s policies, while IT must understand that just because it is outside their comfort zone, or has complexity, it is not necessarily something that should not be done or at least explored.
It is very important that the target audience, that is the workforce, understands the boundaries of this newfound freedom and comfort. The dos and don’ts should be clearly communicated and internalized. There are some very important factors that should be well established right upfront. Some of the factors that need to be discussed are:
1. What are business apps?
2. What are personal apps?
3. What is a personal device?
4. What is a business device?
5. Can you install personal apps on a business device?
6. Can a business app be installed on a personal device?
7. What security constraints need to be considered?
8. How to prevent malicious usage?
Mobility is a good thing for organizations, but it’s not without its growing pains. Trying to give users the freedom of choice, while covering corporate assets to protect sensitive data, competitive IP and client contacts, can be a tricky balance. ButFind Article, it is possible to achieve this goal through an integrated approach to endpoint management.

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Home Based Travel Business – How to Make it Work for You

Running a home based travel business is the wave of the future.  Though it may seem simple to run a home based travel business, you need to know what kind of home based travel business you want to run and what types of situations you will deal with in running a home based travel business.

Basically, there are two types of home based travel agents – referral agents and booking and selling agents.  Referral agents do not book nor do they sell any travel products, they just run a home based travel business that points consumers in the direction of the travel agency, where the agency closes the sale and books the actual travel.  If you have little travel industry experience, running a home based travel business that focuses on referrals may be a good option for you. 

However, if you are interested in starting a home based travel business that gets into the details, then you may be more interested in becoming a booking and selling agent.  You can run a home based travel business that plans a number of types of trips or you can develop a more specific niche like cruises, Europe, or other forms of travel.  Running this type of home based travel business will require more contact with clients to figure out what types of things their clients like to create a trip that fits the client.  All this hard work does pay off, because this type of home based travel business results in you earning more commissions.

What are the benefits of having a home based travel business?  There is, of course, the flexible schedule and the bonus of being your own boss.  Yet, a home based travel business can also reap you other rewards like earning a couple fun vacations each year.

If you are going to start a home based travel business you will need to connect with a host agency.  It is important to make sure that you separate the host agency from your home based travel business.  You need to remember that you may your home based travel business may work with the host agency, but you are not a customer nor are you an employee of that agency.  Keep it as a business relationship. 

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